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RELEASE DATE: January 17, 2008
Contact Person: John Bolton

Local inventor creates unique solution for that itch you can’t reach.

(Santa Barbara) Local inventor, John Bolton, has come up with a back scrubber that solves the itchy back problem in a unique way. His patented EuroScrub Exfoliating Back Scrubber affixes to the shower wall via a set of mini suction cups. It is lathered with soap or gel, then the bather turns around and rubs the back on the scrubber. The bather is able to target that itchy spot with just the right pressure.

Mr. Bolton has also invented a Safety Mat/Foot Scrubber to go on the floor of the shower to give the bather secure footing, and makes it easy to scrub the feet. The Safety Mat/Foot Scrubber feels great to stand on, and takes care of the rough spot on the back of the heel.
The third piece of the EuroScrub Exfoliating Bath Scrubber set is the Beauty Mitt. The mitt can be worn on either hand and enables the bather to scrub the rest of the body, including arms and legs.

EuroScrub Bath scrubbers are made of vinyl and have a luffa-like texture that is ideal for exfoliation of itchy, dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling and looking great. Mr. Bolton claims his bath scrubbers are more sanitary than natural luffa products because they rinse clean in the shower stream, or can be popped into the washing machine. The scrubbers contain an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal compound that is integral in the material to resist mildew.

Mr. Bolton and his wife, Genny Bolton, appeared on national television on a reality program, “Made in the USA”, in 2005. Gaining national exposure and making it to the final 50 of over 2,000 entrants was quite an achievement for EuroScrub Bath Products and the Boltons. The experience enabled them to meet inventors from all over the United States, and roam the halls of NBC studios.

It has been a long and winding road from when the idea light bulb first went on in Mr. Bolton’s head in 1986, through the patent process, and product development to market. Flamingo Products, LLC now has a finished product, a factory, and a distributor.