Diabetes Skin Care
I have used these Bath Products for several months now and just love them. The Bath Mat is like getting a foot massage every morning. I run around the house and yard bare foot and tend to get some knarly looking feet! The foot scrubber really keeps them clean!  The Back Scrubber gets that one spot thats hard to reach! The scrubber mitt fits both hands and is perfect for the whole body. My wife and I really enjoy this on those "special weekend" times!

Dennis Bergey, Santa Barbara, California

I have been using the EuroScrub back scrubber every day for nearly two years . I couldn't imagine not having one on my shower wall. Once you use this incredible back scrubber you will wonder how you ever lived with out it. I am reminded of this everytime I take a business trip and I realize that it isn't there.
Tom Hale, President, HALEZ LLC